Friday, May 25, 2018

Fed Reserve Loved Obama, Now Purposely Hurting Trump

Rep. Louie Gohmert called out the Federal Reserve Thursday, pointing out how they kept interest rates low for Obama and have been raising the rates on President Trump.

Appearing on Fox Business, Gohmert said, “The Fed loved the Obama administration, loved Obama, they kept the rates just so low and lower than that was appropriate for one reason, to keep Obama from looking like the worst president in history.”
“Trump comes in, the economy turns around because of the things that he’s doing and so what does the Fed do as Obama’s best friend and not being a friend of Trump? They immediately start raising rates as things start going well,” he continued.
The Federal Reserve’s Janet Yellen announced a Fed Fund rate increase in December 2017, which was the fourth increase since Trump’s election.
In contrast, the Fed only raised interest rates on Obama one time in eight years.
While Trump continues delivering on campaign promises, the globalists are attempting to economically sabotage his administration at the expense of the American people.

HISTORIC: President Trump Will Audit The Fed 

Source InfoWars
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