Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tims Account Performance

You see the daily testimonials of how many TIMalert subscribers and PennyStocking Silver subscribers and students of my instructional DVD packages bank on my trading strategy over and over and over again….

Well here’s how my accounts have done:
TOS:         $143,058   1052% Gain  in 30 months
Sogotrade: $227,208   97%     Gain  in 7 months
Wussy IB:  $187,597   25%    Gain  in 12 months
Brave IB:   $62,802     26%    Gain  in 7 months
…and here are how some recent TIM subscribers gains they’ve done:

Turned $200 into $4,000
A subscriber up $100,000+ in 2009
realized today $1394 (ABIO)
holding over weekend – unrealized gain $270 (NANX)
since i started 1 week ago i’ve made $7,436 in profit   -Ethan
Account up nearly 2500 from 10k start in a month. Thanks again Tim  -SH

$911 profit for the day…. THANKS TIM!
3rd day in a row with a solid profit.
Tim, you missed my post on Monday evening: +$1889
 I didn’t get around to posting yesterday:
Tuesday: $850
.3 day net: $3642.80 More than 10% return on my account in just 3 days!  -bob

up $4400 on tim’s strategy this week = 1710 today  -rumblefish

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