Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Teaching People To Laugh & Profit From The Joke That Is Wall Street!

Timothy Sykes turned $12,000 into $2 million in four years, lost 1/3 of it, starred in the hit TV show Wall Street Warriors and is now committed to teaching everyone, finance freaks and normal people alike, to profit from the world’s trashiest stocks, penny stocks through his publishing company BullShip Press, LLC (seriously).

This is part of the stock market that is filled with hype, manipulation and corruption and once you learn how to identify all the players and the games they play, which surprisingly isn’t very difficult, you can make some serious money with little risk. The key is learning discipline and not getting too cocky from all the money you make! (seriously)

This ain’t no get-rich-scheme, it’s the first brutally honest blog, book (An American Hedge Fund), instructional DVD packages and subscription services focused on teaching the risks AND rewards of penny stock trading, No more financial BS.

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