Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Recent subscribers showing their gains

Heres recent Testimonials of Tims subscribers showing their gains and gratitude

From the TIMalert subscribers and PennyStocking Silver Subscribers below trading stocks like (ARQL), (AEN), (ADR) (GRRF), (ABIO) (MSEH)

*I rocked it today, made $750 on AEN, $560 reshorting ABIO and $4960 short on ARQL. Will probably do overnight. -MB
*Tim +2235 SERV o/n, +430 ARQL (ps. thanks for the hard time this morning)  -Chihuagirl
*$911 profit for the day…. THANKS TIM!
3rd day in a row with a solid profit. Tim, you missed my post on Monday evening: +$1889
 I didn’t get around to posting yesterday: Tuesday: $850
.3 day net: $3642.80 More than 10% return on my account in just 3 days! -bob
*Today, ENCO +1k plus, AEN +1k. Thanks for sharing your ideas tim.  -yhont
+$300 shorting 1k shares of ENCO. held on through Tim’s cover and it paid off in the last hour of trading. Thanks Tim!  -cosmo
+211 on ENCO…. took a quick profit in 20 mins
+270 on MSEH…. went long, but not long enough for it to drop 18%
+200 on SSY, too stubborn, had to cut losses quickly, still holding o/n ABIO, ENCO and AWSL  -orvpr
+1400 on ABIO today. I also covered my short of ENCO from yesterday for +960 -Scott W.
+295 ARQL
+580 ABIO
+100 ENCO
+140 AEN -Ethan
+200 on ENCO
+100 on AEN 2 solid trades lame profits, need to start upping my position sizes -BN
+ $1400 after shorting 1000 shares from 6.70 to 5.299. Thanks Tim! -elee
*i’ve turned $2,500 into $3,345 with gosogtrade in less than a week on two MSEH trades and ENCO -john C.
*ARQL + 1441 holding small position over night -Mstokes
*up 4400 on tim’s strategy this week = 1710 today -rumblefish
*I turned 7k into 11.5k in one month thanks to tim and all you guys -mas
+660 on ARQL in at 5.41 out at 6.80… +124 ARQL, my first short. Had a small position. -dba
*overed ARQL 6.90 for +1000…. stopped out 7.05 ARQL for -600….will try again later  -YB
*Finally made some green-$751 on GRRF today. Could have made more but did not expect it to crash afterhours and I had an automatic stop in place….still very happy with the profit. Thanks Tim. -LG

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