Sunday, May 9, 2010

Why choose to learn from Tim?

3. With so many trading services and mentors available, why do you choose to learn from Tim?
Here’s some of the some of the 760 answers (all the answers are too long to copy & paste, but these 200 give you a general idea):
he seems to be a nice trustworthy individual
No bullshit with evidence, number one, and entertainment
Learn from the best…his stats reflect
He’s honest, humorous, young and not as “stuck up” as others offering trading advice
great reputation
seems to post real and complete information
I viewed a segment on “the street” and liked him
i hear he’s the best
The testimonials are astounding. He is confident and concise in his explanations and is obviously successful himself.
I have not chosen Tim yet, so we’ll see…
track record and appeared to be honest
consistent gains
he sounds so genuine. He talks about profits and loss, doesn’t BS like others
best of the best
I like how RAW you are.
Proven track record (Covestor). Good picks (ie only the ideal ones). Keeps it lighthearted. Repeats the basics (cuz beginners like me forget them). TIMalerts relatively cheap
Your Success Tim. Not sure of others
he is a no BS kind of dude
Tim has shown a successful track record and is honest.
I haven’t chosen yet
good verifiable track record
so far, seems to be the most succesfull style
Tim keeps it real. No fluff. Tim makes mistakes and acknowledges it, instead of hiding it.
spreading my learning capability around to experience different techniques and styles.
Honesty; successful and transparent.
Tim is around my age…. younger generation represents
no bullshit?
Tim speaks to the poor people who are just getting started. The strategies you see on cnbc and such are helpful, but those are usually targeted at investors with lots of money. I am very young, 21 to be exact and can take lots of risk because i have my whole life to make up what i lose plus speculation has the biggest reward.
He started small and made millions.
He seemed a no nonsense guys and inspires to learn from his success and failure. Wants people to educate themselves.
he seems to be trustworthy
Tim keeps it real. No fluff. Tim makes mistakes and acknowledges it, instead of hiding it.
great results and he doesn’t make excuses when he make a rare bad stock pick
Because his methods are easy to understand. People are able to duplicate his success.
Tim cuts through all the bullshit and provides down to earth “street” knowledge
affordable and successful, and easy to learn
took a chance
i don’t know, good question.
He’s well-known and knowledgeable.
Easy – Proven Track Record
famous for doing not writing (see dennis gartman).
proven track record
audited results, etc
Tim seems genuine and it shows
He is in my list with dozen more. He is direct and against system…so is worth a read
I saw the flame in his eyes, the passion, the drive to succeed…these are signs of a succesfull business man. And we have an proverb back home,you are what your friends are
Not too many people mentoring on penny stocks.
younger people have more energy
His numbers. Going from 12,000 to over a million in 4 years was very inspiring.
Cuz his sh*t works…
I love your spark for telling the truth. Met you Live on CNBC “on the money” for the first trading contest they ran.
trading style
I like his no bs attitude. Penny stocks are brutal, so I am looking for straight truth advice
He was just starting and I thought it would be good to get in the ground floor. I like the fact it is kind of shoot from the hip, like this text box, it should be a bigger box and you should be able to see what you have typed!!
Tim has proven that he is the best.
His track record.
A couple of key reviewers (I forget their names and web sites) were at first skeptical but then had good things to say
he’s funny
track record, market differentiation (everybody is covering stocks > $10)
Just started trading, and found this service first when i began trading.
The idea makes so much sense. Also, the transparency of the trades and alerts.
Proven track record, brutally honest, approach is in-line with my own thinking.
I feel he is one of the most honest in this racket of a business. He has a huge ego but his results can’t be denied.
I learned about Tim from Wall Street Warrior (a TV series) and I believe he is good
his honest approach. his simple strategy. the fact that it is ideal for small accounts. the fact that he can be related to as a person. and An American Hedge Fund telling a great story of rags to riches.
proven results
Good reputation
you can see him and notice his honesty and realism
potential gains
His proven track record and trasnparency
Seems real, walks the walk.
Hey, what kind of survey is this? Questions or leading questions?
No Frills, Just Trade
top rated
Tim puts things into a very good perspective. Its all understanding the wave and the ability to ride it.
Tim is young energetic and smart
I watched on WSW and used to go to his website before he started over with his 12k…back when he had the blue looking website…u cant argue results either
Because he’s honest and the method appeals to me.
You have a proven track record.
Daily updates and timely trade info
An interview I saw TheStreet.com
Tim is one of the only montors I have run across who is fully transparent in his and his follower’s gains (and losses. So I was able to see the strategy at work and make an informed decision.
I liked what he had to say on TDI podcast and his results that are posted on his site
TIm has a no BS approach that is totally transparent
he’s the most fun.honest too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Success in trading track record
Tim Sykes appears to be on the up-and-up. A nice change!
I’ve been tracking Tim and I find him to be truthworthy
If what he publishes is true, one can see what he has done.
When you understand the methods and strategies they make 100% sense
Price reasnable to try. Track of his stock buys / sells is available online which makes it to believe
it is unique, conservative, disciplined, and it works!
he is champion anf real trader. his methods is simple perhapce successful
I’ve purchased your DVD’s and have been following you long enough to know that you’re real; I’ve tried others and have not been impressed.
Tim is amoung a couple. Seemed to catch my thought process. (how to take advantage of other peoples GREED and foolishness)
the philosophy of capitalizing on pumpers made sense
#1 on Covestor
His history of success
Have read enough about to have the confidence in him.
your honisty
Because his record speaks for itself
Transparent, reputable, and acknowledges his mistakes
His lifestyle and the way he reacts and chooses to do things reminds me of myself in every way.
track record
Because he is the KING
He’s a CNN expert
Heard about him through Yaro Starak
I’ve read the book, I traded many of the same stocks, and also made/lost a fortune in the markets
different strategy
he’s a trader himself and wants to actually help the small guy.
I’m able to understand his teaching methods
he’s seem the most passionate
Hes the best
Even though Tim seems arrogant, if he can produce the way he does then he is someone worth learning from.
It seems to work
consistant results, a successful trading history. Tims stratagy showing the ability to start with relatively small sums of money. And he’s my age, if he can do it so can I.
knows his stuff, helps others
One of many sources
Because he is by far the most upfront and “transparent” with his trades. He seems like he really wants to make other people money and not just himself.
seems genuine
because he has nice hair
good reputation
because Deelina is hot
unique method and record
I was focusing energy to find a mentor. Came across Tim’s material and gave it a shot. We are similar..B-days are close, Left-handed…love pretty women..lol
energetic,young and confident and smart. it doesn’t matter what people say about him, you don’t make $2 mil by the time you are in your 20s and not be smart. he keeps it real and wants to help the small people
I watched Tim’s video last Friday (on-demand since I missed it live), and really like his personality. He’s a straight shorter and has a proven track record.
Fresh point of view.
because of his brutal honesty, humor, & obious tallent
I chose Tim because he’s a dreamer with a big mouth. If he can do it, so could I. ALSO, he’s a decent guy, and I trust his warts-and-all attitude.
1) Transparency. I can follow previous trades to see judge consistancy. 2) Simplicity. I don’t have to go crazy screening or watching vague macro trends and juggling too many indicators to know what plays to focus on
Tim is unorthodox and thinks outside the box
interesting sales technique
Proven Track Record.
Ive always wanted to trade stocks. Ive never before found a method that makes as much sence to me.
He’s successful and has learned from his mistakes
i dont, but i respect his strategy and no-nonsense attitude
I could easily verify that pennystocking works, unlike other sevices that offer vague promises of riches
The proof is in the results that can be shown
He’s on top of today’s market, and is all about NO BS!

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